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SDH Swift Draw PADDLE Holster

Very easy on and off.  You no longer have to wear a belt to carry your SDH Swift Draw Holster OWB.  With the SDH Paddle Holster it can be put on, (Slide paddle inside your waistband) and easily slid forward or back to wear in your favorite OWB carrying position.  This is a sleek, low profile paddle holster making it the best way to carry OWB.

Holster is made of .080 Kydex

Offers adjustable retention by tightening and loosening the screw on the side of the holster

3 Reviews

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    Posted by Ben Izbinski on 19th Aug 2019

    Good fit and finish, definitely will purchase a SDH for my next firearm.

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    FN509 model

    Posted by Jerry on 6th Oct 2018

    Great holster. I'd buy it again. I like it better that my Fobus for my Glock 19 because the paddle part which rests against your body is not as big as the Fobus.

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    Kel-Tec PMR Paddle Holster

    Posted by T. S. Williams on 12th Aug 2018

    I purchased the SDW for my PMR-30 out of a desire for a lightweight, durable holster that would retain my fully loaded PMR-30 adequately for CCW carry here in the State of NC. Like most synthetics this holster has advantages and a couple of drawbacks. My first, and really only gripe is the material used as not quite as thick and robust as I'd prefer. I have used and own quite a few synthetics and I've found that some companies cut their costs by using material too thin to properly support and retain one's firearm during moments of exertion. SDW appears to have produced a product that will carry your firearm ALL DAY comfortably while also retaining the firearm during all but the most strenuous exercise. The paddle mounts to the holster quite securely by way of three rubber cushioned contact points. The screws are tight and have shown no indication to come loose. Ease of attachment to one's pants/belt (depending upon your preference) is easy...even comfortable and by design places the weapon in a vertical, "straight drop" attitude.. I have been wearing my SDH now for about three only negative comment (if you were to call it that) would be to be able to adjust the cant of the muzzle by adding one or two additional holes for personal comfort. The item seems obviously intended for either open or concealed carry, and it certainly performs well under a light of heavy outer garment concealed.

    As I mentioned, having the option to change the cant would be desirable to me, but perhaps NOT to anyone else. I own several similar holsters at a much higher price that do allow such "adjustment" ... you can carefully cut the holes your self, but I'd probably be happier of SDH went to a slighter thicker, more robust holster/paddle design,

    Overall I am well pleased, and would buy their product again, and recommend it to my friends, especially should you need the ability to "attach/detach" your holster frequently for whatever reasons you at encounter.

    If this helps, I might add I am a retired law enforcement firearms instructor of some 20 years service, and have seen sow's ears touted as silk purses more than a few times in the retail market. This product may not be your image of perfection. . .but it is dang close, and for civilian use, well made and priced well.

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